Embracing    His Bride...

Ezekiel 34:13



Embracing His Bride... In the month 10-2012, He Said in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives: 
'I Am Doing a New Work' , 'an UNUSUAL Work!' 
Isaiah 43:18 & 19, Isaiah 28:21
And  He Gave a New Sound at the wailing wall.

12-12-12, after 14 days of very Deep Priesthood, also on the Mount of Olives,
we Sensed a great Shift in The Spirit,
and the next day He Revealed to us The High Holy Way.
Isaiah 35




Date: 24-12-2018 - 06-01-2019
Location: Eagle Rock And Blue Chambers, The Holy Island Of Patmos

The Bride Purified. You Are Hereby Invited To The Way Of Sanctification
From The Holy Island Of Patmos,
Where John Received The Revelation Of Christ And His Bride (Mat. 26:13).
From Here, We May Continue The Way Up With you, Isaiah 35;
True Sons Are Born In Sion, Psalm 87:5,
Together With You We Then Build That For Which We Are Called:

The New Jerusalem Temple, 1 Chron. 28:10+20.
It Is High Time.

ephesus, The Church in battle For Love
The Church in battle with oppression and poverty
The Church in battle with the throne of satan
The Church in battle with jezebel
The Church in battle with death
The Church Before The Opened Door
The Church in battle with the flesh

Being through the defiled layers of The Called Churches,
Is Standing Before The Opened Door (Rev. 4:1),
In God's Spirit We May Lead Through It.

Liberated From babylonian christmas, The Way Out, Via The Island Of The Opened Door.

Airplane return ticket 250 euro

Boat return ticket 80 euro
Food And Drinks 15 days 150 euro
Total: 480 euro

Stay In A Beautiful Room, Overlooking The Cave Where John
Received The Revelation, See
Costs: your old life In Order For The New Man To Arise




If you Know you Are Called, then Sign Up:


Jesus Says Come! Realize: when you doubt, you sink through the water...

David Joshua Ben Sion & Aquila Deborah Bat Sion

Invitation Holy Feasts:
Uitnodiging Heilige Feesten:
Birth and Movement of His River Of Fullness
(Who Is River Of Fullness 
? Click here)

Dear Reader, Welcome on the Website of River Of Fullness.We Pray that you will be Deeply Blessed by What you read and that you will become Aware that you are Part of the Beautiful and Powerful End-time Work Which God is Doing in our midst.

The largest part of the Birth of His River on Earth is closely interwoven with the Life of Aquila Deborah. When looking back, it is clear that Had already Been Preparing her for years for this Springing of His River, Which Started in the netherlands in 03-2009. Through a Powerful Experience in The Spirit, She Saw This River Being Birthed Through her. So we are not connected to any movement, but are very Thoroughly Lead Right from The Throne by The Rhema-Word; a New Unusual Work. Below, you will find her Beautiful Testimony of her Journey in Accordance with The Birth and Growth of His River Of Fullness. Join us through the Visions, Revelations and Prophecies and See with us what a Deep, Miraculous New Work God Is Doing in these days.
We Pray That your eyes Will Be Opened for It, and that The Resurrected and Glorified Christ also may Fulfill you.

She was born as a first child in 1958 in Zevenaar, the netherlands  (Sevenear means Seven (Grain) Ears; a city clearly called for Fullness, she Knows!). Her parents gave her the name Theodora, with means ‘Gift of God’. She grew up in a catholic hard working middle class family, shortly after the 2nd world war. When she was only 6 years old, she became Deeply Convicted by herself that something is wrong in the 'church'; as young as she was she thought: "I want to Meet the God Who Made all people, the God Who Loves everyone"...


The Lord clearly Heard and Answered her cry...
In 1992, when she was 33, after 14 years of reading His Word and crying out to Him,
Aquila Deborah
 had a deep Born Again Experience, Based on John 3:16-17.

Suddenly, in one Moment there was a big Breakthrough, a lot of tears came, it didn’t seem to stop, and her Heart was Overflowing with His Love!
Aquila Deborah Met Him in 1995 in a Clear Vision on a High Hill, and He Spoke about The New Work, like a Moses; after He Had Laid His Pierced Hands on her hands and Filled her with The Fullness of His Love. It was Confirmed at that moment by a Prophetic Song for her through a Worshipper who sat near her while he played on his guitar.
Under the laying on of hands she also Received
the Wisdom of Solomon here. 
He Gave her The Assignment to Build His House for the Sanctuary in 1996 through 1 Chronicles 28:10-20.
And He Gave her two New Names: Aquila, which means Eagle, and Deborah, which means Bee, like a Bee Queen, who directs a whole beehive. Deborah is also first of all a Worshipper, and a Director, Judge, Prophetess and Mother of Israel as in the Old Testament.
Through Revelation 4:1, He Gave her His Promise of the Open Door in 2001.
In 2003, He Showed her a lot of Water in the sky, with white foaming crests, moving wildly.
Also in 2003, He Gave her in a Vision The Plummet, The Cross and The Golden Cord. He Urged her to only sit on the Plummet, which became a Wrecking Ball, until it would completely hold still above the Cross; from there she was only Allowed to Walk Carefully on the Golden Cord, Which went all the way up into The New Jerusalem, and not to look at the houses around her (you cannot Receive anything unless It Is Given from Heaven) but only straight forward, while holding Jesus' Hand; from a distance she saw high in front of her a huge, half-round, bent icewall; with in large letters hewn out: SANCTIFICATION
Amos 7:7-8, Ezekiel 1:25.
In 2004 He also Took her spirit up in A Vision; she saw herself on a Golden Chariot with a huge White Flag In her hand; the Wheels were going straight to strong demonic lines; when the Wheels Touched the lines they broke immediately; and the Chariot went straight to the other side, without turning the Wheels, to the next line, which also broke immediately, and so on, and on, and on; now she Knows the lines are egregore lines (click here for the Article for Now: egregore ;
false demonic borderlines of the comfort zones (babylon) people live in).
Since 2014, David Joshua Israel Immanuel Is firmly Standing on The Chariot with her, in an Accomplishing Anointing.

He Prophesied The New Work, Which nobody has ever seen before
in 2005 through Psalm 33. 
(Click here to read the Endtime Word Deborah Received then).


In 2006 He Called her:' Deborah, Deborah, Arise, because the leaders won't Stand up!', Judges 5:7-12

In a Dream which He Gave someone else, she was Seen in the midst of an army of wounded soldiers, holding a Banner of Love. Isaiah 59:19, Song of songs 2:4

In 2007, when she was Praying for the netherlands with a Sister, she Saw in a Vision

The Lord Jesus Christ on His White horse Stepping on the borderline of the country. 

There was a mesh over the netherlands. The hooves of the horse stepped on each attachment of the mesh in the ground at the border of the netherlands; with each step, these attachments jumped open, the chicken wire began to roll up, from the bottom of the country to the top. She Knew: this chicken wire represents the freemasonry network which controlled the netherlands. Locks kicked open (connections with neighbouring countries); deep roots were Uprooted,

Jesus Christ Put His Foot on the land; it will be Delivered from freemasonry, which governs through a corrupt state. Jesus Christ Reigns as King of kings and a thorough preparatory Work is in progress. God's Fire will Burn the sin and iniquity of the land.





Also she Received from an acknowledged Prophet, after a deep confusing and turbulent time: 'you have overcome again one of many confusions (knots)' . In 2014 another Prophet Prophecied over her: Daniel 5:12, that she is one who Disentangles knots.


In this year also an Anointed Speaker in the Apostolic Prophetic Movement said to her, that she would come via the outside-stairs on the roof and from there she shall approach the defiled Bride. The Fruit of her ministry shows that she is a deprogrammer of kabbalah-strongholds, together with David Joshua they Receive the Revelation, on the Right Time God Puts the Sword in the kabbalah-strongholds, the witchcraft which comes loose, because of the Sword, they Cleanse together through HighPriesthood before The Throne of The Great HighPriest, so the people can be Delivered and Blessed, when they subject themselves to the Holy Order and come in the Fullness of His Spirit; His River, to Receive the Pure Glory; His Fullness. He Is Setting free first of all the 144.000 and is Leading out His Bride and Establish His Kingdom on the Earth, a Light for the people, the Glory of the last Temple shall be bigger than the former (Hag. 2:10).


In 2007, a Called Prophet Saw a Huge WHITE EAGLE on her back; His Wings over her shoulders, His Head above her head; His Message: 

I DON'T Accept a roof above My Head. When somebody tries to attack you, then I Myself
Will Stand between you and the enemy."





In 2009, a Called Prophet Spoke: I'll Break the divisions of the territory!!! This Is also What He Showed Her When She was in a Vision on a Golden Charriot while Holding a large White Flag in her hand.



In 2008, He Took her up in a Vision like John of Patmos, and Gave her His Endtime Map, The New Jerusalem BluePrints, by the Revelation over the seven Churches, over The Body of Christ in the netherlands and later for the nations.

End of 2008, He Showed her the Vision about the defiled river and His Pure River (click here).


In march 2009, He Downloaded His River Of Fullness in her spirit, Isaiah 32:15-18


He Downloaded The Water of His Fullness in holland, and Spoke 'River Of Glory',

Which now Flows from Patmos, the Island of the Open Door,

over the nations, especially Jerusalem...

"I'm Doing a New Unusual Work..."

As Prophesied: "If you criticize It, you won't Be a Part of It'! Isaiah 32:19

(End of 12-2015, He Started to Call His River 'River Of Fullness'; a New Time Has Begun!)

Immediately He Spoke to her about how His Spirit Would Be Going to Touch the netherlands from that moment on by Isaiah 33; He Sent her to a meeting where people were Praying and Fasting for the country, with the Word;
'Here I'm going to Start to Give you the wounded people whom I Have for the Spiritual Army, to stand in their midst with a Banner of Love, as a Deborah. David Joshua
Israel Immanuel was the first one He Placed next to her;
and others followed soon; unfortunately many called Soldiers didn't handle it;
they couldn't pay the price (John 6:66).
At that moment, when He Downloaded His River... He started a quick Work as He Had Prophesied.

ISAIAH 33 He Spoke on 03-2009

The same year, during a conference in strasbourg, right after the 09-09-09 Prophetic Action on the river rhine (pause background music at the very bottom of this page and click here to listen to the Reformation cd that was recorded especially for this Action), He Called the dutch Spiritual Army to gather quickly in Unity and to stand between the ‘plates’ of islam and humanism. 
(Click here to listen to the Powerful Teaching 'Born in The Spirit' that was preached then: part 1& part 2.)
On the ship
 during the Prophetic Action He gave Aquila Deborah 
Psalm 77:12-21; He Led His people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron. 


On exactly the same date, 11-9-2009, as the Teaching Born in the Spirit was Preached near the 'tower of babel' in strassbourg, the Synagogue and the village Migdal of Mary of Magdale were discovered at the shore of the lake of galilee.

God is Doing a Major, Beautiful Endtime Work!


See: Timeline/History Magdala Center (click link).

On 11-2009 He Confirmed the New Authority, and Prophesied the Latter Rain for His Body. Through a Called Prophet He Gave the following Warning about this New Work of God: "If you do not understand something, don't criticize it, for what you criticize won't manifest in your life". 

(click here to watch these Prophetic Words - pause background music at bottom of website)

He placed David Joshua Israel Immanuel as a prepared Prophet and Son at Aquila Deborah’s side (Rev.12) in the Source of His River Of Fullness ;
He Released in this Relationship the connected Apostle-Prophet Anointing; a Moses-Aaron-Relationship; the Fulfilling Anointing for Completion. 
(Click here to read about this Fulfilling Anointing)

I, David Joshua Israel Immanuel, carry Priesthood like the HighPriest Joshua for the iniquities of the defiled occult bloodline of the false dutch royal house, called 'de oranjes'; within them are the 13 satanic bloodlines, that control the world system from behind the scenes (nwo).

And he Carries Priesthood for the 12 tribes of Israel. Aquila Deborah is Called as a Zerubbabel, and Anointed with the Cyrus Anointing; God Gave her the Urim and the Thummim.

She has also the strong Anointing of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, but the most important Aspect is her deep Loving Relationship with Bridegroom Jesus Christ like Mary of Magdalene,

she May Fulfill the Work God Started with the Vision of the Open Door He Took Apostle John in, on the Island of Patmos. She Is Walking like Enoch.

This Anointed River Of Glorious Love He Gave to her, and Is Restoring the gap Apostle Peter induced between Mary Magdalene and himselfwhich has been a gap in the whole Called Body of Christ until now. 


Like a Hosea, she is precisely Led through the Fullness of His Seven Spirits, and Gives with Jesus Their Love to the ones He Entrusted to her and Will Entrust to her; ‘precious souls’ He Spoke in the beginning of 2009 to her as a Daughter of Zion, a Mother of many; True Sons and Daughters are Born in Zion. 
Psalm 87:5.

At 02-2010, during Intercession Deborah saw in a Vision a large Eagle hovering very low over houses and churches. With that she Heard the Words: 
"I Am Imparting Fear of The Lord and Judgement" (Hos.8:1). 
She Saw how at both sides people shot away from under the tip of the wings because of the pressure. These are the people who Respond to His Call for Sanctification. 
He then Gave the Assignment: "Prepare yourself to take care of them". 
Shortly after, He gave Hosea 8, specifically verse 1, and with that the Assignment 
to blow Judgement and the Fullness with the Shofars at the places He Would Point out; 

this has meanwhile been done at many places in the netherlands and abroad.

In the night of 7 and 8-10-2010, Jesus tooDeborah in a Dream through hades; the realm of death.

In the early morning she Knew He had Prepared her to Go With Him through all of the dark heavens during the years that would follow;

she Knew it would cost her everything, again…, and wrote a ‘I Submit to Your Work again’ - letter to her husband and children..

This Journey which nobody could understand, started at 10-10-2010 with a high level Prophetic Action on the pyramid of austerlitz in the centre of the netherlands.

The Spiritual ‘Ark of Noah’, the UNITY-Ship He Gave for the netherlands; He Asked them to make this known to His Called Children in order to Stand together in UNITY.

Between 2010 - 2015, He Sent Deborah and David Joshua to many places in europe, including an extensive, special time on the Island of Patmos, as well as Turkey and Israel, to do His extraordinary

Apostolic Prophetic EndTime High Priesthood Work, always on The Cutting Edge.

End of 2010, the Lord Told Aquila Deborah to go to the Island of Patmos;

she went in 05-2011.



During one of her first nights on the Island, the Lord Led her to make some drawings; one of them showed her how Priesthood works in the Spirit/ spirit; John 17 and Psalm 110, Isaiah 61, not knowing at that moment that He Was already Starting This New Work in her spirit. 


Another drawing was a Lion with fiery manes rolling over the land in the netherlands;
He Spoke Ezekiel 12:25.

Also He Gave her in one of these first nights on the Island all the Pieces for a Breakthrough Bootcamp for the Body of Christ. 

When she blew the Shofar at the cave where the Apostle John is said to have Received His Revelation, David Joshua blew the Shofar in the netherlands at the same time. 

He Gave them both the same Word at that moment:

Revelation 11:15 
Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in Heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He Shall Reign forever and ever!”


At 10-2011 she went back to the Island together with David Joshua; the Lord Spoke through the name 'Patmos-single' on a road in the dutch city enschede; 'buy a one-way-ticket to the Island; I'll Lead you step by step'..; 

Deep Secrets He Showed them in the years after; especially about the 144.000 under the Altar; among others by Confirming this by a special sculpture they found in the house He Gave them on the Island of Patmos to rent; by leaving in 2013 the owner gave it to Deborah as a present. The owner of the house, who was very ill, knew he had built the house on the hill for her...; a deep Secret they knew both; a nephilim gate on the Island was Closed by Deeply Connected Apostle-Prophet Priesthood in the first months they lived at this place.... You can read more about this on the Apocalypse Unveiled Patmos facebook.


Revelation 6:9-11

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? 

And white robes were given unto every one of them;

and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season,

until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled. 



In 2012, He Said on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem; 

I Am Doing a New Work; Isaiah 43:18-19,
and He Gave a New Sound at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, on 23-09-2012.


He Said in the Spirit at that moment:‘Jerusalem Prophets Council

and ‘Jerusalem Ministry Worship Centre’ in 2012,

and on 13-12-'12 Gave a Vision to David Joshua of the High Holy Way, Isaiah 35;

The Way out for His Bride; the 144.000.

Also in 2012, in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower David Joshua Saw the two last missing pieces falling in the centre of The Puzzle and heard in his spirit the Word: COMPLETION!

The Lord Released His High Priest Council on earth; the first Order in His New Work

starting in 2013,

and COURT of Zion in 2014.

Also River Of Fullness FullCover Insurance in 2014

and Taste all things Food Authority in 2014.


From The Released Apostolic Prophetic Priesthood Mantle (wherein the Fivefold Ministry), HouseGroups Springs Forth in the ‘netherlands’ and all over the world.
In a Vision  in 2008 Aquila Deborah Saw that everywhere molehills came out of the dutch ground, through this Apostolic Prophetic Mantle people broke through the the roof of the world system! In 2009 Aquila Deborah Saw in a Vision vulcanos erupting from whereof liquid Gold as lave came over the land: the ‘netherlands' Became a Golden Netherlands, because our land is a Nation of Reformation. She Saw how there came Spiritual Walk-in Houses and how Apostolic Prophetic Educational
Centers were Opened.
The HouseGroups and the Educational Centers Clicked in, and so where Covered by
The Priesthood Mantle, which Cleanses the Attendants from the iniquities. (Zach. 13:1) They Move in The Fulfilling Breakthrough Anointing, which sets Free True Sons and Daughters. One Lord, One Bride, One Body. They Rise Up while babylon is falling.


He is Doing a New Work!

Ezekiel 47:8. His River Makes the sea Healthy .......in His Flow, JUST by Grace! 











We only quote the Word of God from RhemaRevelation; in dutch mostly from 
the herziene statenvertaling (sometimes het Boek) and in english mostly from 
the New King James translation.


Many Books That Belong To The Bible, Are Taken Up In the canon Of The Bible.
In the proces of the forming of the canon many things are wrong!
We Believe That The Books ‘The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene’ And ‘The Book Of Henoch’ Belong In The Canon. These are consciously taken out to withhold humanity A Crucial Secret. Still they Who Life In The Spirit Come To The Knowledge Of Truth, The Spirit Shall Lead The Way To The Full Truth (John 16:13). And Lead them In The Secret Of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene And The Melchizedek Priestline, Which Is Continued From Them. No new age, no gnostic, no alternate teaching, But According To Jesus Christ Himself In Matthew 26:13 The Only True Gospel.

13 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her.
Matthew 26:13


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God's Calendar

The Calendar of God is very different from the gregorian calendar the western world uses. For instance, we live in a different year, months are counted based on the moon (not the sun), and every new day starts and ends at sunset. These past years, The Lord Has been Revealing to us His True Calendar step by step.
Recently, we found the original Calendar from the beginning of Creation: the so-called Thora Calendar.

Below is a link where you can convert the gregorian calendar into God's True Months and Days, including God's Feasts (which are nearly accurate).

Click here to convert the time to Gods True Calendar




We highly recommend:


- All the Works of Watchman Nee, especially 'The Spiritual Man'

Click here for a table of contents of The Spiritual Man 

- Francine Rivers' novels. Her Desire is for her Christian fiction Stories to make people Hungry for The Living Word, Jesus Christ, The Bread of Life. 

Click here to visit her website and read about her books

- The research about 'trauma based mind control' of the Biblical Teacher Fritz Springmeijer


facebook Fritz Springmeier







High Priest Council Jerusalem

Zion - Jerusalem - Israel
John 17 - Ps. 110


Mount Of Olives, 12-12-2012



Court of Zion


Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Isa. 2:3 – Jer. 25:31



Zion, 03-2014






River Of Fullness
Chambers of Commerce


   Zion - Jerusalem – Israël
    Luke 14:33, Hand. 2:44-45, 4:34


    Patmos, 08-2016



River Of Fullness FullCover Insurance

Zion - Jeruzalem - Israel
Exo. 12:23 – 1Thess. 1:5a

Zion, 06-2014 






River Of Fullness
Spiritual Health Check & Rhema Coaching


Zion - Jeruzalem - Israel
Rev. 21:5

Zion, 03-2018 




River Of Fullness ChildCare Coaching

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Eze. 34, Ps. 5, Matt. 18:1-10

winterswijk, 05-2014





Jerusalem Prophets Council


Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

1 Chron. 12:32a



Mount of Olives, 10-2012


Jerusalem Ministry Worship Centre


Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

John 4:23



Mount of Olives, 10-2012


Holy Anouncement: ALL Prophetic Councils Released!

These years, God Released after Deep Going Prophetic Actions Through europe, turkey, israel and the united states, national Prophets Councils. Every country is a Prophetic Area of Mandate. We Believe that we, since 09-09-’09, are in The Judgement over the nations (Matthew 25), The Shift from satanic government to Godly Government. The Kingdom and The Dominion Is Given to The Saints of The High Places (Daniel 7).

Every country, every Area of Mandate Shall Be Reigned by The by The Holy Spirit Constituted Prophetic Councils, These High Places shall be Fullfilled by The therefore Appointed Prophets. Through them God Shall Judge the fallen angels (1 Cor. 6:3) who kept the nation in their horrific grip, He Shall Judge them and Break their stronghold! De Beginning of the thousand year Reign.


Prophets Council Israel

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Jer. 19, Isa. 60



Patmos 26-02-2016









Prophets Council Syria

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Jam. 4:4, Rev. 22:18-18



Patmos 22-05-2016





Prophets Council Patmos

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Rev. 11:15

Patmos, 05-2011









Prophets Council Greece

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Deut. 32

Patmos, 13-04-2016








Prophets Council Wonderland

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Gen. 18:4a, 2 Chron. 15:1-7

Patmos, 20-10-2015




Prophets Council the Netherlands 

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Amos 3:7
ede, 02-2014 
Prophets Council China

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Isaiah 54, John 19:30, Rev. 12
Patmos, 01-05-2016

Prophets Council Germany

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Isaiah 40:28-31 - Zach. 4:6


stuttgart, 24-12-2014



Prophets Council Norway

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Isa. 22:22, 1 Cor. 13


Patmos, 02-2016


Prophets Council Danmark

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Hebr. 4:12, Rev. 19:15-21


Patmos, 12-05-2016


Prophets Council Austria

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Mal. 4:2

ischl, 11-2015



Prophets Council Switzerland

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
John 6:48

Patmos 22-04-2016









Prophets Council Albania

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Sgs. 2:1, Isa. 9:1-2

Patmos, 21-02-2016

Prophets Council Russia 

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Gen. 1:26-27, John 14:2, Hebr. 12:10

moscow, 29-11-2015


Prophets Council Belgium
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Ps. 24:7, Eze. 16:60-63

antwerp, 07-11-2015
Prophets Council France

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël

Isaiah 25:6, Joel 2:24, John 15:1-8

paris, 30-11-2015


Prophets Council England

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Matt. 20:20-23, Rev. 16:10, Rev. 20:11-15

london, 07-12-2015






Prophets Council Malaysia
 Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Luke 8:16-18

Patmos, 30-04-2016


Prophets Council Indonesia
 Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Isa. 65:24-25, Zach. 4:6

the netherlands,10-2009 




Prophets Council Suriname
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Matt. 10:34

the netherlands, 04-2014

Prophets Council Curacao
 Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Jos. 6:5

Prophets Council Cuba
 Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Jeremiah 23:29

 Patmos, 19-05-2016

Prophets Council Istanbul
Zion - Jerusalem – Israël
 Isa. 59:19, Isa. 11:11-12

 Patmos, 07-2015 


Prophets Council America
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
 Psalm 114:8, Isa. 48:20-21

Patmos, 07-2015 




Prophets Council Canada

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Psalm 35

Patmos, 24-02-2016








Prophets Council Nigeria


Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Psalm 2


Patmos, 06-2016






Prophets Council Kenia
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Zach. 6:13, Mal. 4:2-3

Patmos, 07-2015 


Prophets Council Ethiopia
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Psalm 50:23

Patmos, 07-2015 
Prophets Council India
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
Psalm 145 
Patmos, 08-2015 

Prophets Council Pakistan
Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
1 Chron. 14:11, Isa 56:6-8, Psalm 127
Patmos, 27-2015
Prophets Council Mecca

Zion - Jerusalem - Israël
John 10:16, Rev. 21

Patmos, 11-9-2015


River Of Fullness Taste all things

Food Authority


Zion - Jeruzalem - Israel
1 Thess. 5:21 - 1 Cor. 10:20-21




Zion, 06-2014







                                                                                                                   ....in His Flow, by Grace!






Johannes 19:30

Toen Yeshua De Christus dan de zure wijn Genomen Had, Zei Hij: 

Het Is Volbracht! 

En Hij Boog het Hoofd en Gaf de Geest.

2 Korinthe 5:16

Zo kennen wij vanaf nu niemand naar het vlees;



Openbaring 3:1-3, 8

En schrijf aan de engel van de gemeente in Sardis: 
Dit Zegt Hij Die de zeven Geesten van God heeft en de zeven sterren: 
Ik ken uw werken, en weet dat u de naam hebt dat u leeft, maar u bent dood.
Wees Waakzaam en Versterk het overige dat dreigt te sterven, 
want Ik heb uw werken niet Vol Bevonden voor God.
Bedenk dan hoe u het hebt ontvangen en gehoord, en houd het vast en bekeer u.
Als u dan niet waakzaam bent, zal Ik bij u komen als een dief
en u zult beslist niet weten op welk uur Ik bij u zal komen.
Ik ken uw werken. Zie, Ik heb voor uw ogen een geOpende Deur Gegeven 
en niemand kan die sluiten, want u hebt weinig kracht 
en toch hebt u Mijn Woord in acht genomen en Mijn Naam niet verloochend.

Openbaring 4:1-2

Hierna Zag ik, en Zie, er was een Deur Geopend in de Hemel. 
En de eerste Stem die ik als van een Bazuin met mij had horen Spreken, Zei: 

Kom Hier, Omhoog, 
en Ik Zal u Laten Zien wat hierna moet Geschieden.

En meteen raakte ik in Geestvervoering. 
En Zie, er Stond een Troon in de Hemel, en op de Troon Zat Iemand.

Johannes 3:3-8

Yeshua De Christus Antwoordde: Voorwaar, Voorwaar, Ik Zeg u: 
Als iemand niet Geboren wordt uit Water en Geest, 
kan hij het Koninkrijk van God niet Binnengaan.

Wat uit het vlees geboren is, is vlees; 
en wat uit de Geest Geboren is, is Geest.

Verwonder u niet dat Ik tegen u Gezegd Heb: U moet opnieuw Geboren worden.
De wind waait waarheen hij wil en u hoort zijn geluid, 
maar u weet niet waar hij vandaan komt en waar hij heen gaat; 
zo is het met iedereen die uit de Geest Geboren is.

Mattheüs 22:37-40

Het Grote Gebod

Yeshua De Christus Zei tegen hem:

U zult de Heere, uw God, Liefhebben met heel uw hart, 
met heel uw ziel en met heel uw verstand.
Dit is het Eerste en het Grote Gebod.
En het Tweede, hieraan gelijk, is: 
U zult uw naaste Liefhebben als uzelf.
Aan deze Twee Geboden hangt heel de Wet, en de Profeten.

John 19:30

So when Yeshua The Christ had Received the sour wine, He Said,
“It Is Finished!”

And Bowing His Head, He Gave up His Spirit.

2 Corinthians 5:16

Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh.

Revelation 3:1-3, 8
“And to the angel of the church in Sardis write,
‘These things Says He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars:
“I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. 
Be Watchful, and Strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die,

for I Have not Found your works Perfect before God. 
Remember therefore how you have Received and Heard; hold fast and Repent.
Therefore if you will not watch, I Will Come upon you as a thief,
and you will not know what hour I Will Come upon you.
“I Know your works. See, I Have Set before you an Open Door, and no one can shut it; 
for you have a little strength, have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name.

Revelation 4:1-2
After these Things I Looked, and Behold, a Door Standing Open in Heaven. 
And the first Voice which I heard was like a Trumpet Speaking with me, Saying,  
“Come Up Here, 
and I Will Show you Things Which must take place after This.”

Immediately I was in the Spirit; 
and Behold, a Throne Set in Heaven, and One Sat on the Throne.

John 3:5-8

Yeshua The Christ Answered, “Most assuredly, I Say to you, 
unless one is Born of Water and the Spirit, 
he cannot Enter the Kingdom of God. 
That which is born of the flesh is flesh, 
and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
Do not marvel that I Said to you, ‘You must be Born Again.’
The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it,
but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. 
So is everyone who is Born of the Spirit.”
Matthew 22:37-40

The Great Commandment
Yeshua The Christ Said to him,
“‘You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart, 
with all your soul, and with all your mind.’
This is the First and Great Commandment. 

And the Second is like It: 
‘You shall Love your neighbor as yourself.’
On these Two Commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Johannes 19,30

Da nun Yeshua Der Christus den Essig Genommen Hatte, Sprach Er: 

Es Ist Vollbracht! 

und Neigte das Haupt und verschied.

2. Korinther 5,16

Darum kennen wir von nun an niemand nach dem Fleisch; 



Offenbarung 3,1-3+8

Und dem Engel der Gemeinde zu Sardes schreibe: 
Das Sagt, Der die sieben Geister Gottes hat und die sieben Sterne: 

Ich weiß deine Werke; denn du hast den Namen, daß du lebest, und bist tot.

Werde Wach und Stärke das andere, das sterben will;
denn Ich habe deine Werke nicht Völlig Erfunden vor Gott.
So gedenke nun, wie du empfangen und gehört hast, und halte es und tue Buße.
So du nicht wirst wachen, werde Ich über dich kommen wie ein Dieb,
und wirst nicht wissen, welche Stunde Ich über dich kommen werde.
Ich weiß deine Werke. Siehe, Ich habe vor dir Gegeben eine Offene Tür, 
und niemand kann sie zuschließen; denn du hast eine kleine Kraft, 
und hast mein Wort behalten und hast meinen Namen nicht verleugnet. 

Offenbarung 4,1-2

Darnach Sah ich, und Siehe, eine Tür war Aufgetan im Himmel; 
und die erste Stimme, die ich Gehört hatte mit mir Reden wie eine Posaune, Die Sprach: 

Steig Her, 
Ich Will dir Zeigen, was nach Diesem Geschehen Soll.

Und alsobald war ich im Geist. 
Und Siehe, ein Stuhl war Gesetzt im Himmel, und auf dem Stuhl Saß Einer;
Johannes 3,5-8

Yeshua Der Christus Antwortete: Wahrlich, Wahrlich Ich Sage dir: 
Es sei denn daß jemand Geboren werde aus Wasser und Geist, 
so kann er nicht in das Reich Gottes Kommen.

Was vom Fleisch geboren wird, das ist Fleisch; 
und was vom Geist Geboren wird, das ist Geist.

Laß dich's nicht wundern, daß Ich dir Gesagt Habe: Ihr müsset von Neuem Geboren werden.
Der Wind bläst, wo er will, und du hörst sein Sausen wohl; 
aber du weißt nicht, woher er kommt und wohin er fährt.
Also ist ein jeglicher, der aus dem Geist Geboren ist.

Matthäus 22,37-40

Das größte Gebot

Yeshua Der Christ aber Sprach zu ihm: 

"Du sollst Lieben Gott, deinen HERRN, von ganzem Herzen, 
von ganzer Seele und von ganzem Gemüte."
Dies ist das vornehmste und größte Gebot.

Das andere aber ist Ihm gleich: 

"Du sollst deinen Nächsten Lieben wie dich selbst." 

In diesen zwei Geboten hängt das ganze Gesetz und die Propheten.






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De Feesten van God

De Feesten van God zijn niet symbolisch, maar Profetisch. Ze bieden een Opening om dieper in te gaan in de Werkelijkheid van Gods Koninkrijk en het Werk Wat Hij wereldwijd doet op DIT moment. We Vieren de Feesten IN Christus; in Hem zijn de Feesten Vervuld; wij Gehoorzamen Zijn Eeuwige Verordening (Lev.23) door Zijn Heilige Feesten te Vieren zoals Gods Geest het per moment Aangeeft vanuit Zijn Rhema Woord.
Gods Feesten en Dagen 2018:
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Siloam ShabbatMeetings

De Zalving Raakt het water van Siloam. Wekelijkse ShabbatMeetings vanaf 13:00 uur. 


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Toerusting tot Heiliging, voor hen die zich Geroepen Weten. Informeer over data en tijden via

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Seminars Geestelijke Gezondheid

Er is iets grondig mis met de christelijke gemeenten in nederland! Op een bepaald punt blijft iedereen steken. De Ware Eenheid waar we allemaal voor bidden is er niet, de diepe Transformatie van nederland lijkt maar niet bereikt te worden! Wat is er toch aan de hand? Bezoek onze Seminars.
Deze worden DV maandelijks op Shabbat gehouden.

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Besef ook jij dat je zo spoedig mogelijk uit babylon EN haar 'feesten' weg moet trekken (Openb.18:4, Jak.1:27b). Lees in deze ook de kerststudie of de studie over Gods Feesten op de facebooks. Heb je hulp hierbij nodig? Mail ons gerust via: info@riveroffullness.org, en/of bezoek een van onze Seminars om werkelijk uit babylon en haar 'feesten' weg te trekken.

Soevereine Unity Schip Meetings

Geestelijk en praktisch Onderwijs om daadwerkelijk uit het systeem te stappen en in de Werkelijkheid van Zijn Koninkrijk te gaan Bewegen. Het is de hoogste Tijd!

Zo God leidt vinden maandelijks deze Soevereine Unity Schip Meetings plaats.

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Kom uit de ongehoorzaamheid...
KOM AAN BOORD nu het nog kan; Hij roept jou als in de tijd van NOACH!
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Voor NU:

Mattheüs 22:14

Want velen zijn Geroepen, maar weinigen Uitverkoren.

Openbaring 3:12

Wie Overwint, hem Zal Ik tot een Zuil in de Tempel van Mijn God Maken, 
en hij zal daaruit niet meer weggaan. 
En Ik Zal de Naam van Mijn God op hem Schrijven 
en de Naam van de Stad van Mijn God, 
het Nieuwe Jeruzalem, dat Neerdaalt uit de Hemel, bij Mijn God vandaan, 
en Mijn Nieuwe Naam.

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The Feasts of God

The Feasts of God are not symbolic, but Prophetic. They offer an Opening to enter deeper into the Reality of God's Kingdom and the Work He is doing worldwide right NOW. We Celebrate the Feasts IN Christ; in Him the Feasts are Fulfilled; we Obey His Eternal Statute (Lev.23) by Celebrating His Holy Feasts as God's Spirit Shows us that moment from His Rhema Word.
God's Feasts and Days 2018 :
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Siloam Sabbath Meetings



The Anointing Touches the water of Siloam. Weekly Sabbath Meetings from 1pm. 

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Priest Seminary
Equipment for Sanctification, for those who Know to be Called. Inform about data and times through

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Seminars Spiritual Health

There is something fundamentally wrong with the christian churches in the netherlands! At a certain point everyone remains stuck. The True Unity we all pray for is not there, the deep Transformation of the netherlands seems not to happen! What is going on? Visit our Seminars. These will, God-willing, be monthly held on Sabbath.

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Do you also realize that you need to leave babylon AND her 'feasts' as soon as possible?
(Rev.18:4, Jam.1:27b)
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info@riveroffullness.org, and/or visit one of our Seminars in order to really move out of babylon and her 'feasts'. 



Sovereign Unity Ship Meetings

Spiritual and practical teaching to really step out of the system and start Moving in the Reality of His Kingdom. It is the highest Time!

As God Leads, these Sovereign Unity
Ship Meetings will monthly take place on Sabbath.

Come out of the disobedience...

COME ON BOARD while it is still possible; He Calls you as in the time of NOAH!

Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
'Come Out of babylon!'
Do you have questions? Send an email to info@riveroffullness.org for info and / or registration.
 For NOW:

Matthew 22:14

For many are Called, but few are Chosen.

Revelation 3:12

He who Overcomes, I Will Make him a Pillar in the Temple of My God, 
and he shall go out no more. 
I Will Write on him the Name of My God and the Name of the City of My God, 
the New Jerusalem, Which Comes down out of Heaven from My God. 
And I Will Write on him My New Name.






Matthäus 22:14

Denn viele sind Berufen, aber wenige sind Auserwählt.

Offenbarung 3:12

Wer Überwindet, den Will Ich Machen zum Pfeiler in dem Tempel Meines Gottes, 

und er soll nicht mehr hinausgehen; 
und Will auf ihn Schreiben den Namen Meines Gottes und den Namen des Neuen Jerusalem, 
der Stadt Meines Gottes, Die vom Himmel Herniederkommt von Meinem Gott, 
und Meinen Namen, den Neuen.

 John 3:27
John answered and said,
a man can Receive nothing,
except it be Given him from Heaven.


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